SARS has recently changed the process for authorising the transfer of eFiling profiles to Tax Practitioners.

We’ve setup a few steps that we need you to follow so that we can help you submit your return to SARS: 

Please do the following:

1. Go to and click on “Manage Tax Type Transfer”

2. Complete the following information below and click “Submit”

  1. SARS will ask you how you want to receive your One Time PIN (OTP) – by email or by SMS. Choose an option then enter the last 6 digits of the OTP.
  2. Lastly, the Power of Attorney notice must be approved. This gives the Bean Accounting Practitioner (Please contact us for the Practitioner Details) access to submit your tax returns:
  3. Please enter in the Tax Practitioner Details (Please contact us for the Practitioner Details), Practitioner Number (Please contact us for the Practitioner Number) in the Power of Attorney and click accept.

When done, Bean Accounting will confirm whether your transfer was successful.